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Hotel Savithri

Hotel Savithri is a Luxury Business Class hotel nestled in the heart of the town, Attingal have all modern facilities and amenities to pamper the guest needs. The Hotel provides a perfect location for both business and leisure customers. The spectacular Hotel situated in between the Business, Commercial and shopping arena of Attingal City.

Highest quality of guest service is the hallmark of Hotel Savithri and the most modern architecture and interior design make this hotel the best one in town. The most spacious guest rooms and fully equipped wedding and conference halls will give you magnificent experience. The wooden infrastructure of the Hotel always offer a natural feel to the guest, we welcome all of you to experience the highest level of quality service at Hotel Savithri.

 Hotels in Attingal | Hotel Savithri


 Hotels in Attingal | Hotel Savithri


 Hotels in Attingal | Hotel Savithri


 Hotels in Attingal | Hotel Savithri


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Modern Equipments

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